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Want a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes?

Starting a business has been part of everyday life around our house. From lemonade stands in the driveway to making commercials with stuffed animals for a pet store, you could find a new venture in our home any day of the week! Some have been a flop and some have guided us to where we are now. ⁣⁣

Claire and Anna's Lemonade Stand
Back in 2020, my youngest daughter Anna came up with the idea of having an online boutique. So we decided to have Christian themed t-shirts, Journaling Bibles, and jewelry in our shop, and we named it after my beautiful mom Sadie Jane!⁣⁣

We all work together to make our little family business happen.  We pick out shirts and I make sure to get the girls approval on our designs (because they know what looks good!). We model for photoshoots, pack orders, and we're learning all the things that make a small business work!

Sadie and Jane Workroom

Most of all, I'm having a blast connecting with you and helping women feel confident in sharing their faith.  I truly feel like I'm getting to use all of my gifts to make a difference and share Jesus along the way!