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Homemaking inspiration with Faith and Flour

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Have you heard Kay Harm's story?

We love connecting with women who love sharing their faith in such a positive way.
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What it's really like to walk through addiction

After 18 years, Cindy is ready to tell her story. She's seen how bad can turn into good even if you think it's impossible.
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How God turns tragedy into something beautiful

Imagine inheriting millions of dollars, a successful business, and then you wake up one day and everything is gone.
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What to do when life is turned upside down

Have you ever felt like the rug has been pulled out from under you and life is turned upside down, then you will relate to Lisa's story.
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Meet the Artist

We're excited to introduce you to our friend Rebekah Blocher who is the talented artist who makes our handmade jewelry at Compelled Design.
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