Family FUN ideas to put on your calendar!

I am honored to introduce you to my friend Debra. She and her husband Tom are our pastors at Daystar Church Hartselle Campus. Debra lights up a room and she's passionate about strong marriages and families. I'm sure you will come away with some memorable Family FUN nights to put on your calendar!

"I might be slightly biased but I think this will be the best thing you watch today. Debra & Pam discuss raising a Godly family and the importance of marriage and family in the culture we live in."

Pastor Tom Watson

We not only talked about FUNDAY Mondays and Family FUN Fridays, but how to be intentional about raising our kids.  Debra shared some great ideas that you can start this week. 

It's never too late to make our families a priority.  Follow along with Tom and Debra and see what you can come up with.

"Super good! Great advice on marriage, raising children; family fun ideas from my friends Debra & Pam! We will definitely incorporate this into our family routine!" ~Brandi